Through the Window Glass Darkly

OK, I know I said I didn’t have time to go looking for things to shoot for a while.  This morning, however, I saw a couple of things while inside the house that I thought might make interesting pictures.  In both cases, I was looking through a window at the scene outside, and for some reason, I thought it would be interesting to shoot what I was seeing…after all, it was a pretty view, and I thought the contrasty nature of the image (bright, sunny outside with no internal lights or flash) might be intriguing.

So, today you see the first one (actually the second that I shot) and tomorrow (hold your breath now….) you’ll see the other one! Today’s photo was taken looking down the hallway in our house toward the front yard and hills beyond.

They say that eyes are the window to the soul.  Maybe windows are the portal to the world.  Imagine living long ago in a stone castle before there was glass, or living in a cave where the only light was firelight or the light from the entrance (of course, if you were far enough back in the cave, even the natural light from outside would not be visible.)  I’m so glad we have windows to brighten up our dwellings and work places!  And now, with double- or triple-pane insulated windows, they even help keep you warm (right, Carla?)

Viola…a window to the world…

Seeing the world...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1986, Gerber Foods announced plans to put baby food into plastic, not glass, jars.  They were the first to make this move!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the Ulysses Solar Mission revealed that matter flows out from the south pole of the sun at the rate of 1,000,000 tons per second, 24 hours a day!


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