Fascination of the Ancient

What is it about old things that are so interesting?  I think that they let our imaginations run wild with all sort of “What if’s…” and “I wonder’s…”  Old things, in my opinion, are just cool (maybe I think that because I’m getting “old” myself and I want to still think that I’m cool, too!)

One of the old things that I find most fascinating is old wood.  Some old wood is exquisitely finished and has been maintained for years, even centuries.  At other times, the wood has been left to its own defenses against exposure and weather.  Such is the case with today’s photo.  Yes, some of the wood has obviously rotted away and is long gone, but what’s left still has textures and even swirls from the blade that cut it.  And there is a mossy type of plant that has attached itself to the surface of the wood.

What is it about old wood that is so interesting?  Maybe it’s just the promise that as things get older, they don’t necessarily lose their beauty and usefulness – those things may change and be different than when the wood was first cut, but don’t you like the idea that old doesn’t mean ugly and useless?  In fact, some things are infinitely better with age and time: love, relationships are dearer, contentment and satisfaction grow when one can look back at life and see that in spite of all the ups and downs, there were more up times than down times, and that it was all worth the living.

Old things can be beautiful

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1935, the “Call Bulletin” from San Francisco, became the first newspaper to print a full-sized picture of a human being.  Larry Quinn, a 2-day old baby, was the subject.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  mussels can live in very polluted water because they can purify bacteria, viruses and fungi.


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