Solid Gold

What is your favorite color?  Mine would be purple and orange.  Isn’t it strange how we have “favorite colors”?  And what is it inside of us that causes us to be drawn to one color but somewhat repulsed by another one – a color that someone else thinks is great?!?!?!  People are very strange and mysterious.  I suppose that is partly what makes the human species so interesting.  We are such a diverse lot!

My favorite fall color is orange.  When I drive down the street or see a vineyard ablaze with orange, I do a double-take.   I could sit and look at a tree covered with orange leaves and the sun shining through it from the other side…all…day…long.

No orange in our photo for today, but I liked the photo anyway.  The contrast between the golden leaves of the vine and the small grapes was nice, and the twisting little stem was interesting.

I know I’ve shown a lot of photos lately of leaves and vines and vineyards.  I’ll try to not show too many more…it’s just that it’s such a beautiful time of year here in the wine country, and with our upcoming move, this is my last chance to really get a lot of photos of it before we leave.  Anyway, here you go:  (OH, by the way, if you double click on the picture to enlarge it, you can make out the tiny dew drops on the grapes!)

There's gold in them there vineyards...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1907, the first helicopter to carry a human being rose above the ground…a whopping 6 feet.  It was designed by Paul Cornu.  The flight took place at Lisieux, France.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Model-turned-actress Andie McDowell’s real name is Rose Anderson (hence “Andie”)  McDowell.


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