Morning Glory

I am NOT a morning person.  And that’s bad…at least it’s bad if you want to take photos at the best time of the day.  Evenings (the last hour before sunset) is also considered prime time for photography, but mornings are what the die-hard pros go for.  BUT…since we will be moving away from the wine country to peach country (Georgia), I hauled myself out of bed really early this morning to take photos in a particular vineyard that I saw from the road.  I’d been waiting for the right color…and it’s about there right now.  Overall, though, I think most of the vineyards will get their best color in about 2-3 weeks from now.

Anyway, I put on a long-sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt and my Lakers jacket, packed up the camera and tripod and hit the road.  In about 20 minutes I reached my destination.  I was lucky to bump into the vineyard owner and ask if I could walk out and shoot pictures and he thanked me for asking and gave me permission.  Cool!

I was there before the sun was up and stayed around for about an hour.   Some of the shots I took were before the sun came up, others were taken afterwards (like today’s picture).  I’ll share some more of them with you in coming days.

You know what?  It was magical being up and shooting when the sun finally came over the eastern hills and hit the vineyards!  I’m glad I got up early!  I may even do it again in a few weeks!

Morning glory in the Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1967, the first edition of Rolling Stone Magazine was published with John Lennon on the cover.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: one specific nematode (think worm) ages the equivalent of 5 years in human terms for every day they live.  However, the little critters can go into suspended animation that can last for 2 months or longer…the equivalent of a human sleeping for 200 years.


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