I Tower Over You!

There is a game that dads and their kids play, especially with their sons.  I recall how when my sons were still at home, every so often they’d starting thinking that they were getting pretty big, and they’d say, “I’m taller than you!”  At that point, they’d get up next to me (side-by-side or back-to-back) and ask their mom who was the tallest.  I would, of course, raise myself up to my full intimidating height of 5’9″ (now that I’m older I’m more like 5’8″) and proudly proclaim, “I TOWER over you!”  And I did.

But the day eventually came when they were as tall, or taller than I was.  And you know, that didn’t bother me a bit.  While dads may take some pride in being taller than their kids, when their kids have grown tall and straight, a dad really doesn’t mind.  After all, how tall they were physically didn’t really matter – I was far more concerned with how tall their character and integrity was.  And I’m pleased to say that all my kids have grown very tall in the ways that matter!

When we were at the Golden Gate bridge last week, I took today’s picture.  It’s a shot of the bridge that you usually won’t see unless you walk out on it to the suspension towers (there are 2, some 4260 feet apart and part-way out onto the bridge from both ends), or unless you stop your car in the middle of the whizzing traffic, jump onto the walk way and run to the tower, look up, and take a picture (DEFINITELY NOT recommended!!!!)  But this angle made me think about the “I TOWER over you!” game I used to play with my kids.  Only these suspension towers really do TOWER over even someone with my prodigious height!!!

The tops of the towers are 746 feet above the surface of the water, and reach 500 feet over the top of the roadway.  Each of the two towers weighs in at 44,000 tons.  The weight of the entire bridge is 894,000 tons.  As of April 2011, 1.9 billion vehicles had passed over the bridge.  If you look at the picture, you’ll see lots of rivets.  Each tower contains 600,000 rivets.  Yes, Martha, these are truly TOWERS!!!

I TOWER over you!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1889, Montana became the 41st state of the union.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the largest great white shark ever caught measured 37 feet in length and weighed 24,000 pounds.  It was caught in a herring net in New Brunswick in 1930.  The largest fish of all, the whale shark, holds the record for the largest fish on record at 59 feet.  It was caught off Thailand in 1919.


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