OK.  I’ll admit it.  I get a bit of a chuckle out of warning labels on products these days.  Some of them that you may have seen go something like this:

On an electric hairdryer: “Do not use in water.”

On a bottle of drain cleaner: “Not for human ingestion.”

On a washer: “DO NOT put any person in this washer.”

On a Razor 2-wheel scooter: “This product moves when used.”

On a bottle of dog pills from a vet: “Use car when operating a car.”

On a chainsaw!!!: “Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw.”

If you want more, I encourage you to just google “warning labels” and you’ll have entertainment for a long, LONG time!!!!

What’s with us anymore, anyway?  Do we really need someone to tell us not to hold the wrong end of a chainsaw!!!!????  What kind of IDIOT would do that, or even think of doing it!!!!????  What kind of dimwit would use a hair drying while lounging in a bathtub?!?!?!?!  How did we get so stupid?

Well, I guess that maybe we aren’t really that stupid (although I suspect that someone must have been dumb enough to do all those things or the warnings wouldn’t be on there!)  Maybe it’s more that our legal system has gotten so goofed up – willing to sue for any and every reason, even if the person who is doing the suing did something totally STUPID and irresponsible – something that no person with an IQ above that of a tomato would ever think of doing.

And that, my friends, is my rant for today and the background for today’s photo.  Yesterday, I mentioned the trip we took to the Golden Gate bridge so Laurel could walk the bridge and check it off her bucket list.  I walked out part way just so I could get some pictures (if not for that, I’d NEVER walk out on the bridge because I hate bridges, especially ones that are SO HIGH up in the air!).  When we got to a certain spot on the bridge, there was a concrete post (a huge one!) with this sign on it.  I couldn’t help but think, “Duh!”  Of course a jump off the bridge can be fatal…”and tragic.”  Who would have thought otherwise?  Isn’t that precisely WHY people jump off the bridge…because they WANT it to be fatal?  And why both “fatal and tragic”?  Duh!!!!!  Oh, well.  Maybe it’s just me….

Sign out on the Golden Gate Bridge

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1860, former congressman Abraham Lincoln defeated three other candidates for the Presidency.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: alcoholics are twice as likely to confess to a drinking problem to a computer than to a human being.


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