It’s Golden

My wife, like most people, has a bucket list.  I have one and I suspect you do, too.  It is important to tick things off the list when you have a chance, and also to put new things on the list to provide incentive to keep going strong!

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday.  One of her bucket list items has been to walk across the Golden Gate bridge over the entrance to San Francisco bay.  Since we will be moving in December, she decided that the time had come to cross this one item off her list.  She contacted her dear friend, Linda, and they made plans to walk across the bridge together.  (I have a horrible fear of heights…so I wasn’t real keen on walking across it myself so I was glad that Linda was happy to do it with her!)

So, on Thursday (Linda couldn’t do it on Friday on Laurel’s actual birthday), we drove down to the city and met them at the south end of the bridge.  Linda’s husband, Russ, is a friend of mine, and we’re both into photography, so we manned the cameras and played like we knew what we were doing while they were walking across the bridge.

When we first got there, there were a few patches of sunlight breaking through the clouds so I managed to get a couple shots at the very beginning where parts of the bridge were in the sunlight.  It’s a good thing we got there when we did, because the clouds came in and it was overcast soon thereafter, and then it started to rain!  But not before I got this photo for today:

The Golden Gate before the rain came in...

ON THIS DAY(IN HISTORY: in 1895, George Seldon got a patent for the design of the automobile.  He sold it four years later for $200,000.  Real smart guy….

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in 1963, Matty, Jesus and Felipe Alou became the first set of brothers to play in the outfield at the same time in a professional baseball game.  They were playing for the San Francisco Giants.  Matty just passed away on Friday of this week.


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