Signs of the Season

Fall as finally arrived in the wine country…for sure.  There was frost all over the truck this morning, and they are saying it might get below 30 tonight.  I know for many of you that’s not very cold, but it doesn’t get much cooler than that here…ever.  On rare occasions, it may get into the 20’s, but only for a few nights.

Of course, Halloween is just past and hot on its heels will arrive Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  November is my second favorite month after October, so I will be enchanted all month with the seasonal change.

Today’s photo is a blend of man-made and God-made wonders.  The man-made wonders are Snickers, Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars, though I must say that Butterfinger really isn’t in the same class as the Snickers and Baby Ruth!  And then, of course, Three Musketeers and Milky Ways don’t even appear on my radar!!!!

The God-made wonders I picked up off the ground outside of our daughter’s place.  There were so many bright, vivid colored leaves that I just couldn’t resist picking out some and bringing them home where I staged them on a white background with the candy bars and berries.

Now, I think it is time to eat the Snickers and Baby Ruth.  If any of you want the Butterfinger…you’re welcome to it!

A mix of seasonal signs for October and November

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter found the first signs of the burial tomb of an ancient pharaoh.  Of course, it turned out to be the archaeological find of all time: that of the young pharaoh, Tutankhamen.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: when female wasps return to the hive after foraging, they engage in a strange practice called “male-stuffing” which consists of taking the males and stuffing them head-first into empty nest cells.  Scientists think this behavior helps to contribute to the colony’s health by providing more food for the developing larvae (they eat the males!)  Now, aren’t you glad that you’re not a male wasp!


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