The West Will Be Missed

I have spent by far most of my life living in the western United States.  Yes, I was born in the mid-west, lived in Florida, North Carolina, Maine, northern and southern California…but I have spent probably 49 of my 59 years living in California.  There are plenty of thing about California that I don’t like (politics, state finances, taxes, silly laws and regulations, etc.), but there is much to love about California’s natural beauty and diversity, and the magnificence of the western states.  Where else can you find something as diverse as Yellowstone, as breathtakingly beautiful as Glacier National Park or Yosemite?  Where else in the WORLD is there anything to compare to the Grand Canyon?  Arches?  Zion?  Bryce Canyon?  Olympic National Park?

I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m on a bit of a mope here today.  You see, I am a westerner at heart, but we are soon to become easterners once again.  Yes, my lovely wife and I will be packing up and moving to Georgia in the month of December.  We do so with both glad and heavy hearts.  We leave behind in California two children and their spouses, and 3 of our 5 grandkids.  We leave behind the magnificence of the western United States that we love so dearly.  We are glad that we will be near our other child and his family in Georgia. And having lived for 49 years in California (my wife more than that!), our closest friends (for the most part) all live in northern California within a couple of hours driving time.  We are being re-invented from the ground up, inside and out…and it isn’t always comfortable at times like these.  Yet, we believe He is wiser than we and knows what He is doing.  Trust sometimes comes very hard…

But, oh how we will miss the west!!!!  Alas, employment options all call us eastward.

I know there will be beautiful and lovely parts about being in the east, but today I’m in a bit of mourning as the realities of it all set in.  Here’s a photo I took this summer while in or near Arches National Park that shows some of the wide open spaces and sheer spectacular landscape of a portion of the west.  I am glad we got to take our road trip this past summer to see many places in the west that we’d always wanted to see.  It was wonderful…so “Thank you!” to all who allowed us the time off to check a lot of things off our bucket list!

We are thinking that perhaps when we retire we will return to the west.  Ideally, IF we can retire some day, we’d like to get a 5th wheel or camper of some kind that is large enough we could live in it and we can spend a lot of time driving around the west and all the rest of the country, too, for that matter.  I hope we can do that.

The wide open spaces of the West

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1947, the Hercules H-4, a huge, eight-engined flying boat built by Howard Hughes and the Hughes Corporation, made its first and only flight in Los Angeles harbor.  It flew slightly over 1 mile.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in parts of Greece and Italy, if people toss their heads back and cluck their tongues, they’re not pretending to be chickens nor are they laughing at you.  They are saying, “No!”


7 thoughts on “The West Will Be Missed

  1. i, too, have some mixed feelings about this. (not that that should really matter) but you will indeed be missed. however, i think there are some new and exciting adventures awaiting you. and some amazing picture-taking opportunities. but, secretly, i do hope you do make it back to the west coast when you retire. CA will be waiting… as will all your friends still here…

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! With a bit of luck we will make it back for extended periods of time in retirement. I suspect that 2 of our kids and their families will always be west-coasters. Our son in Atlanta married a girl from there and her family are all still there, so I suspect they’ll be in Atlanta for the duration unless something happens with his work that would take him elsewhere.

  2. We recently moved to Texas for the same reasons you mentioned about what we don’t like about California. It was difficult leaving family and friends, but California has priced itself out of business.

    That said, we love it here in Texas. Everyone is so friendly. We truly feel at home here.

  3. wow! big news!
    Will you still accept my proofreading? Please keep in touch! If you pass through this part of the central valley, in your move eastward…it would be nice to officially meet you!

    Take care!

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