Fire ’em Up!

There is a saying among those who work around explosives that warns of a pending explosion: “Fire in the hole!”  If you’re smart, that means it’s time to duck and cover because bits of things will be flying all over!

Today’s picture really has nothing to do with explosives.  This morning when we took our dogs on their morning walk, we saw some beautiful trees with gorgeous leaves, plus a few other things that I’d wanted to photograph for quite some time.  I decided after we got back home that I’d go out and take pictures of some of them so I could get that out of my system.

I know, I know…I’ve shared numerous pictures of leaves lately.  One of my favorite colors is orange, so when I see a tree with lots of orange on it, I can barely contain my excitement at shooting it with my Canon 7D!  So, sorry folks, but another leaf picture today!!!!  So, to nature I say, “Fire ’em up!  Let the color explode!”

Autumn is finally firing up the colors in California's wine country!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1848, the first medical school specifically for women opened its doors to the first set of students…a total of 12 women who started their medical training at the Boston Female Medical School, founded by Samuel Gregory.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) say that 18 million prescriptions for the common cold are written every year.  That’s rather interesting since the common cold is caused by a virus and the prescriptions don’t help it.  An estimated 50 million prescriptions of antibiotics are written each year for viral respiratory infections int he US.


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