The Spooks of Yesteryear

Oh, my goodness!  I love Halloween!  I loved it as a child back on the farm in Iowa…it was a special season, almost magical as the long, hot Iowa summer was over, fall was well set in and winter was just around the corner.  We didn’t have any neighbors close, so my folks would have to drive us from farm to farm – and I supposed we thought it was a big night of candy-gathering when we hit 6 or 8 other farms.  It was nothing like today when kids can visit 20-30 houses on ONE STREET!  But we loved it.

I remember how an elderly, childless couple on the farm due south from us (and across the dirt road that ran in front of the farm) would always make us do a “trick” to get our “treat.”  Their names were Merle and Marie Jordan.  They were wonderful people and we always felt they loved us kids.  I’m sure they did.

I also loved my kids’ excitement on this night.  I loved their dress-up costumes, their joy as they came back with bags full of candy.  The good times they had with their friends.  Wow.  I miss it.

Now, we’ve got grandkids scattered over a wide geographical area so we have to settle for pictures of them in their outfits, impish delight spread all over their faces.

Today’s photo was actually taken in 1982 when our two boys were 9 and 6.  Our daughter had just been born (but we didn’t know her yet because she was in Korea and she wouldn’t come to live with us for another 2-1/2 months.)  What memories this picture brings back!  Doug just dressed as a hobo (I think I recall him being fascinated with hobos at that time) and Tim was the extra-terrestrial, ET.

I wish, sometimes, that I had the power to turn the clock back for even a few snippets of minutes at a time to see my children again as the carefree young beings they were and hear their peals of laughter and squeals of delight when they dumped out their candy bags!  I hope I can always remember those moments.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

My boys in 1982 on Halloween

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1984, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her “security” guards.  Her son, Rajiv, succeeded her as Prime Minister of India.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the average porcupine has more than 30,000 quills.  They are excellent swimmers because the quills are hollow and help keep them afloat!


One thought on “The Spooks of Yesteryear

  1. Well I know that as a child in the city we were subject to being egged,robbed by passer byers,and water ballooned. It was a fun night though. I can remember my mother telling us not to take any loose candy and apples cause of pills and razor blades.I also remember my mother coming along with us and always walking behind us watching to see if anyone would hit us or try to hurt us.One night some boys did come around and pushed us around and you could hear my mother for a mile yelling at them and didn’t they run fast:):)

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