We went to the south of San Francisco bay today to visit our oldest son and his family.  It was a wonderful, delightful day!  We went to lunch, talked, and went to a couple of stores.  Laurel has a birthday coming up and she wanted some special knitting needles for her birthday, so her firstborn dutifully (and happily) bought them for his mom as her present.  She was happy.

Then, we walked across the street to a bookstore.  We entered the story and just inside the door to the right, napping on a chair, was a cat.  I’m not a cat fan, but I had my camera and hadn’t taken many pictures, so I asked if I could photograph the can and they gladly gave permission.  One of the pictures is the photo for today.

What I didn’t know when I shot the picture was the name of the cat.  When I was standing by the checkout counter, I saw a note that was about the cat.  The cat’s name is ISBN!  Now, just in case you don’t know what ISBN is, the letters stand for International Standard Book Number, and it is used to identify books uniquely.  If you don’t know anything else about the book, if you know the ISBN number you can find the book!  It was a clever name for a bookstore cat!

ISBN napping on the chair

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1945, the first commercially made ball point pens went on sale at Gimbel’s Department Store in New York City.  They sold for $12.50 each, and made a profit of $500,000 the first month.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: also in 1945, Percy Spencer discovered that popcorn, when subjected to microwaves, popped!  This led to experiments with other foods, and helped contribute to the creation of microwave ovens.


One thought on “Meet ISBN

  1. HI! ISBN is cute and looks very happy nestled in his easy chair:) I worked for the Library in town and helped set up a whole new system for the computer as we did not have that yet up here. I used the ISBN or had to go to the Library of Congress to get the number to enter in the computer.Some of the books were very old but the real old ones went to the Historical Society in town they smell moldy and my nose did bother me allot from the dust.
    It is very interesting to know the cost of a ball point pen back then as I can get free ones on a visit to the doctors office. That was high back in those days as people were poor and the country was not in that great of shape and inventions are the back bone of this country.But inventions also hurt this country because people were looking always for something new and improvement was the name of the game and money was their god.
    That’s about all the microwave is good for any more for popcorn and warming coffee back up.Glad your day was great:) Blessings and Peace!

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