Rather Gross

Have you ever known anyone who had a handlebar mustache?  I have…a programmer at the high tech company I used to work with had one.  He was a nice guy and I liked him a lot.  Just the other day I saw someone walking around with a handlebar mustache that when down to his jawline, and then it curved around the jawbone and ran up to his hair with nary a break in the hair!  I must say, while that description may not sound too bad, it looked GROSS.  Why would anyone do that?!?!?!

When I was in Petaluma recently, there’s an old building that dates from 1886.  (Why do I know that?  Simple!  My wife was in Knitterly, a yarn and knitting store, and I was outside with the camera examining the exterior of the building.)  As I was trying to find an interesting angle to shoot, I noticed that high up on the exterior of the building (about 3 floors up) was a series of window arches, and above each of the window arches one of these fellows (see below) was featured.  Once I got a good look at the picture, I could see that he’s got a handlebar mustache.  But look closely, will you?  It looks like it might be really long nose hairs, or even worse, brown colored mucus!  YUCK!!!!

Is that a mustache, nose hair, or brown mucus coming out of his nose?

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1505, Ivan III, also known as Ivan the Great, died.  He became tsar in 1462 and strengthened the nation and centralized the state.  During his reign, he tripled the size of his nation.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Albert Einstein’s younger son was schizophrenic.


2 thoughts on “Rather Gross

  1. OK Now, look at it from this point of view and get a taste of the yucks:) If this guy was on a chocolate cake and he was white and milk chocolate , would you eat that Yuck coming out of his nose! OK Ladies you tell him!!!:):)

  2. OH! As far as Einstein’s son most intelligent people are strange to begin with their intelligence not only amazes others but their getting away with bizarre thoughts is what is most interesting about them and they are popular throughout history,besides without the nuts what would the sane do???

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