Champion’s Wild Ride

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid and go to the grocery store or hardware store where there were horses, rabbits, tigers, cars, rockets and other assorted mechanical rides?  I have vague recollections of it as a child…my dad putting a nickel into the machine and the horse would start a rolling, rollicking bucking motion that was meant to resemble that of a real horse.  It was a thrill and I loved it!  I remember it even better for my kids, but by then it was probably a quarter or 50 cents to get the stinkin’ horse to start to move!  Of course, by the time my kids came along, more of them were rockets than horses.

Here’s Champion.  At least, I think that’s his name is.  On the enclosure that surrounded the base of the horse, it said, “Ride the Champion!”  I don’t know for sure if that’s his name, or his pedigree, but either way, it would appeal to a kid, wouldn’t it?  Who doesn’t want to ride “the Champion”!?!?!?! Just look at this magnificent stallion – his mane is flaming red, nostrils flared, mouth wide open from exertion, straining at the bit to go faster and ever faster!!!!  What a thrill it would be!!!!

Ride ’em cowboy/girl!!!!

A wild and crazy horse, Champion!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1881 at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ, Wyatt Earp, two of his brothers and Doc Holliday gunned down two of the Clanton gang and two other men.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Art Linkletter’s book, Kids Say the Darnedest Things,  was the best selling book in America for two straight years, 1957-1958.




2 thoughts on “Champion’s Wild Ride

  1. He sure is sweet:) Country sattle and a bronze horse,shinny and new. Our horses were black and white and brown and white if there were another color there was a fight over the all white or black ones.The carosel an d the Darby was the first ride of the night then the boats and whip etc.I can still hear the misic of the caracell gooing round and round and seeing myself in the mirrors.
    Thanks for the memories: If i was to find out i was dieing today, i would find someone who had some of my childhood memories and sit there and go over all of them i could possibly go over and reminise until i closed my eyes with a big smile on my face:):) PAX!

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