Can You See Me?

People play games.  Everyone plays games of some kind.  Adults play games that are fun…or very dangerous, even deadly.  Some games are for competitive purposes while others are to gain material or financial superiority.  The competitive is lots of fun provided it doesn’t get out of hand.  I’ve been told that when it comes to playing games, I’m a little too competitive at times.  I don’t like that…so I don’t play too many games anymore because I don’t want to harm a friendship with being overly competitive.  But, there are some people who I’ve been friends with a long, long time and we enjoy competing with one another and still manage to remain best friends.

The games children play are so much friendlier and simpler…at least with little children.  Games can even be played with little babies, such as “Peek-a-Boo”.  Once the baby learns how to smile and even laugh, it’s a great pass-time for them, and for some reason, they never seen to get tired of playing that game with mom, dad or grandparents, siblings, etc.

I wasn’t actually playing hide-or-seek with one of my granddaughters when I took this picture, but it sure looks like she was playing the game with me.  She was standing in the crux of some eucalyptus trees at the edge of her yard and it made for a great photo opportunity.  I hope you like this one.  I sure do!   But maybe I’m just prejudiced….

Hey, Pop-pop! Can you see me??????

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1781, Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia, signaling the end of the American Revolutionary War.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in the movie, Enemy of the State (1998) starring Will Smith, the exploding building is actually the old Dr. Pepper plant in Baltimore.



One thought on “Can You See Me?

  1. That looks like a Peek A Boo to me,I would love to have three of her at least. She has piano fingers. I’ll bet she would be good at a key board?A beautiful picture and a beautiful child:):)

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