Bridge Over Troubled Water

Okay, okay…so it’s the title of Simon and Garfunkel’s great song (maybe their greatest), but I couldn’t figure out what else to call today’s post.  So there.  Take it or leave it.  It is a bridge in the photo for today…and old, stone arched bridge with dual arches.  But the water?  Is it troubled?  Well, not if by “troubled” you mean wave and wind-tossed.  There are ripples on the surface (it was a rather windy day), but this was in a pretty protected area of Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.  A closer look at the photo though, shows that it might be troubled in the sense that the water is very greenish!!!!  What’s up with that?  Lots of algae?  Maybe, but San Francisco is a fairly cool place, so I wouldn’t think it would be that prone to algal growth.

But, regardless, it made for a blog post.  If there are any hyrdrologists out there that know why the water is so green, let us know!

Bridge over Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1873, Jesse James and his band of thieves pulled off the first train robbery in America, taking over $3000 from the Rock Island Express, at Adair, Iowa.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the cashew is part of the “cashew apple”, a tropic fruit.  After it is picked, the cashew apple itself deteriorates after 24 hours and is unusable.


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