Dog Feet

How much do you think you know about dog feet?  I didn’t know all that much about them, but did come up with some interesting things that you should know about so you can be the star conversationalist at your next dinner party!  For example, did you know that, according to The Secret Lives of Dogs, that dog feet possess special sensory organs that are related to smell?  Did you know that the pads on the bottom of your dog’s feet can get calloused to the depth of 3/4 of an inch?  This explains why dogs have no problem walking on surfaces that would burn the bottom of human feet – such as hot asphalt on a blistering day – while humans wouldn’t dare such an adventure barefooted.  (Now, I suppose that a human that has never or seldom worn shoes might get such thick callouses on their feet that they might manage this trick, but most of us would be “hot-footin'” it for the nearest shade while your pooch would stare at you and wonder what’s wrong with you!)

But there’s more!!!!  Have you ever noticed the smell of your dog’s feet?  (I’m not talking about when they’ve been walking in the back yard that you forgot to clean up lately!)  There is generally a pleasant smell to their feet, even though they don’t bathe them or perfume them.  This is normal – and is referred to as “Frito feet” because many think the odor resembles Frito’s!  Know what causes it?  I didn’t think so.  But you soon shall!  Frito foot in dogs is caused by bacteria on their feet that gets trapped in the skin and folds of their feet.  There is also another bacteria, Pseudomonas, that can cause their feet to smell like tortillas.

Aren’t dog feet fascinating?  And there are different kinds of feet and foot pads depending on the breed of dog.  Anyone want to become a canine podiatrist?

Aren’t you glad that you read this blog?!?!

My boy, Casper, was kind enough to pose for my pictures today.  I’ll tell him that you appreciate his cooperation!

The amazing feet of dogs...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: In 1814, the Battle of Fort Henry took place.  Francis Scott Key was offshore in a ship and observed the British attack.  At dawn the next day (Sept. 14), Scott saw the American flag was still flying over the fort and was moved to compose the lyrics to what was to become our national anthem.  Few know, however, that the tune was a common drinking song.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: According to Chinese folklore, peaches not only keep the lungs healthy, but ones grown in a mythical garden could grant those who at them eternal life.


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