Oh, my aching feet…

Weed whacking day #2…got all the weed whacking done per se, but boy are my feet sore!  It’s amazing how standing on a steep hill with your feet either pointed upwards, downwards or sideways can make your toes get blisters and your feet get hot spots!  So, when I was all done today, I thought what better picture to represent my day other than a shot of my feet!  So, check it out…maybe you can see the red spots and the big blister on the outside of my little toe on my right foot. What you cant’ see here is the hot spots on the bottom of my feet…

Aching Feet
These little piggies need a break...

2 thoughts on “Oh, my aching feet…

  1. that’s a pretty confident move – putting your feet up on the internet for all the world to see! :) love and miss you tons!

  2. When feet start aching it means one of two things You are not playing with a full deck with your feet or your arches are coming down and that can hurt.Epsom salt and warm water foot soap or power or better get the shoe liner that helps build a better fit.Blessings and Peace!!You are Loved!

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